Keeping Your Cool this Summer

Why You Should Consider Insulating Your Home in the Spring

While it may be difficult to determine whether or not the insulation in your home is up to standard (mainly because it is hiding within your walls, floors, and ceilings), it is worthwhile to hire a professional to do so. With the hot summer months on the horizon, the best time to have your home evaluated is right now! Having insufficient insulation in your household can cause excessive heat loss in the winter months and increase the heat gain in the summer. These inefficiencies can end up costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars over the years, in addition to contributing to feelings of discomfort within the household (such as feeling too hot or a cool breeze).
Spring is the perfect time to have your homes’ insulation evaluated by a professional. If you find your insulation is up to standard, you have peace of mind and will get an idea of how much life the insulation has left; whereas, if you find your insulation is in need of an update, you have given yourself enough time to schedule these upgrades before the weather gets overly warm outside. You’ll have a cooler summer, and your wallet will thank you.
Know your insulation needs upgrading soon? Here is why you should get it done this spring:

1. Avoid the Busy Season

People like to put things off. That is why when (and only when) the hot weather comes and air conditioning bills start showing up, people suddenly decide it is time for them to update their insulation. This is also why insulation companies are the busiest during the summer months. By scheduling your home insulation upgrades in the spring, you will beat the crowd and have more choice on the dates for your home improvement! Not to mention, the sooner you get your insulation fixed, the sooner you start to benefit from increased comfort and savings on your energy bill.

2. Increased Comfort at Home

It would be counterproductive to wait until summer to schedule your home insulation upgrades. Why? Because if you’ve waited until the summer, you will have to wait even longer to schedule your updates (see #1) and you are therefore already missing out on increased savings and COMFORT. When a big part of the reason you are choosing to fix your home insulation is to increase the comfort for those living there (aka you and your family – pretty important people), it doesn’t make sense to wait until it is already hot and moist inside your house to do something about it.

3. Extra Cash in Your Wallet, Who Doesn’t Want That?

Ensuring your home insulation is up to date before the hot season arrives allows you and your bank account to reap the benefits all summer long. Energy bills tend to hike up in the summer due to increased heat and humidity; however, homeowners with efficient home insulation find that they have significantly lower bills. Having effective home insulation will reduce heat gain, simply meaning that you can set your AC unit to the same temperature you usually would and it will come on less often. This is because your home retains the cool air and keeps out the hot air more effectively with proper insulation.
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If you are considering insulating your home or requesting a professional home consultation, call us today! Your family and your wallet will thank you.