Why Cellulose Insulation stands the test of time


Why is Cellulose Insulation gaining even more popularity than ever residential construction?

It all comes down to a stronger commitment across the entire industry to Sustainability.

Beyond superior thermal and acoustical performance, homeowners, home builders, and Canadians alike have expressed their ongoing support to reduce our environmental impact across a variety of industries. So much of what we do and how we live contributes greatly to our communities and ecosystems, and in knowing so, responsible construction businesses have a unique ability to lead the way to a more meaningful and greener future.

For attic applications and dense-pack wall applications, cellulose insulation cannot be beaten. We want to acknowledge our commitment to cellulose insulation and why it is so widely in use across residential, commercial, and industrial buildings and construction projects.

Tropical’s History with Cellulose

Our journey began in 1983 where our founder understood the benefits of cellulose insulation and a vision of where it would find itself in the future of the construction industry. Committed to the use of quality products, where high-performance cellulose insulation could match a skilled installation, we began using almost exclusively cellulose. An important consideration for us as well, is the health and safety of our installers. With cellulose insulation, the only safety hazard to consider is its status as nuisance dust but poses no carcinogenic or otherwise harmful effects to our staff as well as to the air quality in the homes of our customers or future homeowners.

Far before the widespread adoption of environmental consciousness, we knew the products we use had an influence on how Canadians live. Therefore, out of all the materials Tropical could focus on, we chose cellulose.

Why is Cellulose Insulation Special?

In residential and commercial building, being “green” is not always easy. Plenty of construction materials are manufactured with harmful ingredients and embody heavy environmental loads. Cellulose has always stood out in this regard, for being one of the least negatively environmentally impactful insulation solutions.

Cellulose insulation is really an upcycled product, utilizing mainly post-consumer paper waste to generate a finished product with highly competitive R-levels that can outperform products such as fibreglass insulation. When all is said and done, cellulose will contain upwards of 85% recycled materials, diverted from landfills, giving homeowners additional peace of mind knowing they chose the right product to insulate their homes.

Other Benefits of Cellulose

While cellulose insulation is spectacular in its ability to improve building efficiency thereby reducing greenhouse gases from returning to the atmosphere, there are additional benefits for its use in home attics beyond the environmental ones.

Standing the test of time, the cellulose insulation industry has revealed that it has several properties that benefit homeowners:

It may not come to mind, but beyond keeping heat from escaping your home, insulation offers acoustic dampening. In this regard, cellulose performs extraordinarily well. With the ability to absorb 80%+ sound, your home can be close to professionally controlled studios in terms of acoustic spread.

Cellulose insulation also benefits from flame spread reduction of 25 or less. During manufacturing, special ingredients are added to the paper-based product to control the spread of fire in homes, with a fire rating of one hour or greater.; time essential to escape should such tragedy strike.

Finally, when considering air quality, we used to be satisfied with building products that contained many constituents that contributed to off-gassing of harmful toxins in the air and surrounding environment. Thankfully, that is beginning to change. Cellulose is a safe and non-toxic choice for any home or business environment.

Needless to say, cellulose insulation protects the environment, your home, and your wallet. Tropical Insulation understands that these benefits are important to homeowners, which is why we have always been committed to installing cellulose insulation to the highest of standards for over 35 years.

Our Passion; Your Benefit

Take the time today to reach out to Tropical Insulation to discuss your home’s current insulation protection. If you want to do your part in saving the environment and your money, then cellulose insulation is right for you.