DIY Insulation VS Professional Installation


Insulation is an essential part of any new construction or renovation. It improves energy efficiency, resulting in fewer carbon emissions, and saves money on your monthly energy bill. With so many benefits of insulation, you’re probably deciding whether or not to DIY it or have it professionally. Don’t worry– we’ll cover every bit of insulation installation in this article so you can make the best decision for your next project.


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The Best Way to Install Insulation

With multiple materials available and many competitive services, you have options for your next insulation project. Depending on the material you’ve chosen, some insulators are easier to self-install than others

DIY Insulation Installation

There are many opportunities for a DIY project during construction. Depending on your personal skill, you may be competent enough to handle most, if not all, insulation materials. But for those with average skills, there are some safety, efficiency, and cost considerations.

Materials that are easier to DIY include:

  • Spray foam insulation
  • Fibreglass batts
  • Foam boards

Keep in mind that these materials all have their own unique installation requirements. For example, although fibreglass is easy to install, there are some safety concerns. And while spray foam is easy to install, it is also easy to make mistakes.


Materials that are not as easy to DIY include:

  • Cellulose
  • Loose fill
  • Rock wool

These materials generally require more skill and expertise to properly install. Cellulose, for example, is best installed with a specialized machine. Remember, when it comes to insulation, it’s important to get the job done right the first time. If there are air leaks, the insulation loses its effectiveness.

Safety Considerations

After choosing to DIY insulation, it’s important to prioritize safety. While there are many safe materials for insulation, like rock wool or cellulose, certain materials, like fibreglass, must be handled with care. Inhaling or embedding fibreglass into the skin can cause mild to severe irritation. Additionally, if insulation is improperly installed, you may encounter health concerns like growing mould. Improper insulation can even lead to structural issues, which can be a major safety concern.

That’s why if you’re unsure of your own capabilities, it’s best to hire the pros. Take a look at our services here at Tropical Insulation and you’ll see that we have the entire process covered from start to finish.

Time Investment

Another factor to consider when going to self-install insulation is the time it takes. When doing it yourself, you must take on all of the responsibilities from measuring the number of materials you’ll need, obtaining the insulation and equipment, and making careful safety considerations to the installation itself, there are many time-consuming components to installing insulation. While all this is possible for the average person if they give it enough time, the time required for insulation projects is itself the problem.

That’s why sometimes it’s best to hire the pros. Not only do we save you time and hassle, but our expertise will ensure that you get the best quality product installed without errors.


While you might think that cost is one of the areas you’ll most appreciate when choosing to DIY your insulation, you might want to think again. When you add up the various tasks and materials, the cost between professional and self-installation is already comparable.

So, if you end up making a mistake either in ordering or installing, costs can build up quickly. It only takes a second of hesitation or mindlessness to create a costly mistake. So in the end, professional installation can save you more money than DIY installation. That being said– if you have the skills yourself, then you shouldn’t be worried about making mistakes!

Professional Insulation Installation

Professional insulation installation makes it easy to get your next project done. While it might seem like the more expensive and complicated option at first, we’ll show you why that’s not exactly the case. Overall, once you complete your booking, the professional service at Tropical Insulation makes it far easier. It’s also better to budget too, as you know your costs upfront.

Now let’s get into the details. Why exactly is professional installation better?

Safety Considerations

As we’ve previously discussed, there are many safety considerations when it comes to insulation. While materials have come a long way in recent years, particularly with energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, professional insulation installers like the pros at Tropical Insulation have the skills and equipment needed to keep themselves and your family or business safe. We make sure to monitor any material that requires ventilation. And we are careful with fibreglass because it’s an irritant. The details go on and on, which makes professional installation an even better option to avoid the risk of improper installation or unnecessary danger.

Choose the safest option and schedule Tropical Insulation for your next construction project. You can click here to get started.

Time Investment

Unlike DIY installation, professionals are capable of sourcing, delivering, and installing your chosen material in a flash. Where a DIY project might take days or weeks, we often complete projects in a single day! Of course, larger projects may require more time, but we still finish them quickly to minimize the disruption of your day-to-day life.

Tropical Insulation is easy to schedule and upfront with their time and financial quotes. So have peace of mind and relax while the pros get things done.


As a longterm investment, insulation is a no brainer. And you can customize it to suit your personal needs, whether you have environmental or financial concerns.


One of the ways you can save yourself money on your insulation project is to hire a professional. While the installation itself incurs an additional fee compared to a DIY project, the professional service lowers the cost of mistakes. It also negates any equipment rental fees, which or more necessary than you might originally think.

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