Home Efficiency Rebate Ontario: A Homeowner’s Guide

The Home Efficiency Rebate (H.E.R. program) is expanding in Ontario to include more projects and more people. Home energy rebates are a great way for homeowners to save money on their energy bills and improve the overall efficiency of their homes. One of the key ways to qualify for these rebates is by installing insulation in your home.


Home energy rebates are a great way to help offset the cost of insulation and other energy-efficient upgrades. By installing insulation in your home, you can help to lower your energy bills, improve the overall efficiency of your home, and qualify for these rebates. It’s a win-win situation for homeowners!

Keep reading to find out if you qualify, and how you can get Tropical Insurance to install your insulation in no time!

What is the Home Efficiency Rebate (H.E.R. Program)?

It’s a good time to be a home or property owner! That’s because the H.E.R. program is expanding in Toronto to include more people and more projects. Here’s a list of funds and projects you’ll potentially have access:

  • $600 in Home Energy Assessments
  • $10,000 in home insulation projects
  • $1,300 for air-sealing projects
  • $325 for windows and doors
  • $7,800 for space and water heating
  • $125 for smart thermostats
  • $5,000 for solar panels
  • $1,650 for weatherproofing

There is quite a variety of projects for you to select from! Overall, the provincial rebate will help you reduce your monthly energy bills and improve the quality of your home.

Next, we’ll go into who can access the fund, as well as a variety of projects you can consider!

Who Qualifies for the Home Efficiency Rebate in Ontario?

As a homeowner, you are the primary target for renovations. But there are many more opportunities to capitalize on with the new rebate program!

If you are the following, you should proceed with step one of accessing the funds:

  • Enbridge gas customers including landlords
  • A home or property owner
  • You have home heating with a natural gas furnace or boiler
  • You have eligible renovations or equipment replacements
  • Off-grid communities

You can be a part of establishing better sustainable development across Canada by taking part in the H.E.R. program. What’s there to dislike? Home improvements on a discount, professionally installed by Tropical Insulation of course!

How does it work?

Wondering how you can access these funds and start your new projects? Here’s a step-by-step:

  1. Schedule a home energy assessment with a licensed Registered Energy Advisor
  2. Receive the custom report with recommended upgrades
  3. Complete at least one eligible upgrade
  4. Schedule a follow-up home energy assessment
  5. Receive your rebate cheque including up to $600 for the assessments

The best part about this rebate is how easy it is to access. The entire point of expanding the H.E.R. program is to make sustainable choices more accessible to make. So join the many other Canadians in our combined effort to improve Canada’s energy rating!

Insulation Projects Available With H.E.R. Ontario

While the rebate applies to many different types of energy efficiency projects and tools, there are several types of insulation available for homeowners to choose from. They include fibreglass, cellulose, and spray foam insulation. Each type has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to research each option before making a decision.


Fibreglass insulation is the most common type of insulation used in homes. It is made from glass fibres that are spun into a soft, fluffy material. This type of insulation is easy to install, affordable, and effective at slowing down the flow of heat or cold.


Our specialty– cellulose insulation is made from recycled paper products, making it an eco-friendly choice. It is also fire-resistant and can be used to fill small spaces and gaps in your home’s structure. We take great care and pride in sustainably producing our Cellulose here in Canada. By using this product, you are making a sustainable consumer choice.

If you’re wondering which insulation will work best for your home and climate, check out our guide here! It’s important to make the right choice, and we’re here to help!

Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation is a type of insulation that is sprayed directly onto the surface to be insulated. It is more expensive than other types of insulation, but it is also more effective at slowing down the flow of heat or cold.

There are other available materials to consider as well, but this is a good look at what’s available in the rebate. And we didn’t even get started about the many projects covered– From interior to exterior, the attic and the basement, the H.E.R. program covers a lot!

Benefits of the H.E.R. Program for Homeowners

By taking advantage of these programs, you can make important energy-efficient upgrades to your home, while also enjoying the financial and environmental benefits that come with a better-insulated home.


Let’s take a look at these benefits now!

Improved Quality of Life

Insulation reduces the amount of noise that enters your home, making it a quieter and more comfortable place to live. And it helps create a sustained temperature for greater comfort. Not least of all, having proper insulation also helps protect your home from unwanted pests. So clearly, fully insulating your home is worth it!

Better Energy Efficiency & Savings

Insulation is a material that is used to slow down the flow of heat or cold through a building’s structure. By insulating your home, you can help to keep the temperature inside more stable, which in turn can lead to lower energy bills.  You also can eliminate unsealed doors, windows, and gaps. Doing this will eliminate drafts that leak heat out of your home.

Accessible Sustainability

Of course, you already know– decreasing your personal carbon footprint is an essential part of being a modern consumer. Most of us are raised this way. We consider our environmental and social impact with every purchase and action.

That’s why the Home Efficiency Rebate is so exciting! It allows us nature-conscious Canadians to access sustainable development with greater ease. By enabling Canadians to make the smarter choice, the hope is that we will rapidly renovate our way to improved energy ratings and reduced emissions.

Get Your Insulation Upgrade With Tropical Insulation

Insulation is a very important aspect of home energy efficiency.  Overall, installing insulation can help homeowners save money on energy bills, improve the overall comfort of their homes and qualify for home energy rebates. Therefore, it is a worthwhile investment for any homeowner!


Using the Home Efficiency Rebate, Ontario homeowners, landlords, and other community members can improve their home energy rating. If you’ve begun the process and understand which projects you qualify for, don’t be afraid to contact us! We’re thrilled at the prospect of helping so many Canadians improve the quality of their homes and save money!